Invigorating Lent through Stations of the Cross

Invigorating Lent through Stations of the Cross
Thank you to the families, community members, and friends from Little Angels who joined us on Friday, April 5th for a reverent, simple yet beautiful evening. There is something about lent that gets my kids pumped up about growing in holiness. Over the years we have learned many exciting ways for our children to participate in the traditional practices of lent from the community of Regina Mater. We could not have asked for better weather on April 5th. It was glorious. Friends and newcomers gathered for food and fellowship and small groups were led through the stations made by and reflected on by the children.   Children were able to take home their own Montessori stations packets along with their own personal spiritual practice.

“The Stations of the Cross were beautiful and reverent, and a special spiritual experience for the whole family. Even my four year old was deeply engaged. The Regina Mater students did an amazing job of maintaining a prayerful atmosphere, and the natural surroundings (complemented by a truly gorgeous sunset) were every bit as inspiring as a lofty cathedral.
Maryhill is truly a special place!” – Christy, mother of 6

How will you experience Christ’s passion and Stations this Holy Week?

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