Mariengarten (Age 3-6)

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 Required for All Students

  • plain lunch box – no commercial characters
  • sturdy water bottle
  • plain slippers in navy, black, or gray, similar to: OR
  • one complete clothing change (blue and white please) including undergarments stored in a 1 gal. Ziplock bag. Please ensure that all items are labeled clearly with your child’s name.
  • Sign-up for one week per child of fruit, vegetables and flowers.
  • 1 carton of white copy paper for photocopy booklets

Children Ages 4 and Above

  • 4X6 photo album featuring photos of your child from baptism to present age; maximum of twelve photos.


The following books are optional supplements for Montessori students, to be used only upon readiness of the child.

 Suggested for Phonics

  •    Logic of English Foundations Level A  and Teacher’s Edition

Suggested for Math

 Suggested for Cursive