Bethlehem (1st-4th)

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  • ½” 3-ring binder, preferably with clear pockets on cover (all students)
  • 3-ring pencil pouch (put into ½” binder)
  • Backpack (no commercial images… blue or black preferred, but not required)
  • 7 folders with pockets and brads (2 of each – one will fall apart mid-year):
    • BLUE (Logic of English)
    • YELLOW (Math/Textbook work)
    • RED (Writing)
    • GREEN (Cursive)
    • ORANGE (Literature / Reading)
    • BLACK (Poetry)
    • PURPLE (Latin)
  • 1” binder with clear pocket (Writing Portfolio for Gamma/Delta only)
  • 25 sheet protectors (in Writing Portfolio for Gamma/Delta only)
  • Loose Leaf paper (Gamma/Delta students) – put in writing folder
  • Loose Leaf paper (all students) – put in math folder
  • 2-5 Composition Books (200 pages each – NOT 160 pages)
    • HISTORY / SCIENCE (new for all students) Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta
    • MATH (new for all students) Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta
    • TIMELINE (returning students already have this) Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta
    • WRITING / LOGIC OF ENGLISH (returning Delta students already have this) Gamma-Delta
  • *These items will be SHARED by all Bethlehem students and will remain at school. Do not write student names on these items.
  • 10 blue or black pens*
  • 20 SHARPENED pencils*
  • 2 pink erasers*
  • 4+ glue sticks*
  • 1 pair student scissors*
  • One ream of copy paper* per student (more is appreciated)


Please refer to Regina Mater list for items to be shared school-wide (dry-erase markers, tissues, paper, baby wipes, etc.)



Singapore Math Primary Mathematics U.S. edition – required (SEVERAL COPIES ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE FROM THE SCHOOL) –

Get a TEXTBOOK and WORKBOOK for each student and be sure to get the U.S. edition.

Alpha students who have not already begun Singapore should get the Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition Level 1A Textbook and Workbook.  

Singapore Math Primary Mathematics U.S. edition TEACHER’S GUIDE for your student’s level (optional, but very highly recommended!).  This is guide is especially important for parents who do not feel comfortable teaching math.  The Teacher’s Guide is a very helpful resource.

Singapore Math Primary Mathematics U.S. edition ANSWER KEY (1A-3B and/or 4A-6B) – required for parents of Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta (The answer keys are included in the Textbook/Workbook sets available on Amazon that are linked above.)

Classically Catholic Memory CD (Beta Year) required for Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta.  It includes material that will be used in Math and History.

Language Arts


Reading / Literature:

Logic of English

These materials are least expensive when purchased directly from





***THERE IS NO TEXTBOOK FOR SCIENCE, so keep in mind that students will be assigned to read passages from the DK books, if they have them. ***

* In the Human Body Encyclopedia, there are 3 page spreads about reproduction, which we feel are tastefully and appropriately done, but parents may want to consider these before purchasing the book.  




Extra Reading – all optional:

For parents: