Tabor (High School)

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2016-2017 Booklist



  • Heavenwards Prayer book (available for purchase at Regina Mater)
  • Ignatius NRSV Bible  ISBN: 978-1586177706 (only this edition please)
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Magnificat Subscription  (ordered through Regina Mater to obtain a discounted price)
  • On the Incarnation, St. Athanasius (Popular Patristics) ISBN:  978-0881414271


Students work independently in Mathematics with instruction at home from parents and tutorial support on campus. Math curricula are chosen on an individual basis according to each student’s talents and challenges. Students complete 4 years of mathematics instruction including a course in Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and one other course.

Suggested series include:

  • Saxon
  • Teaching Textbooks
  • Art of Problem Solving
  • Geometry: Seeing, Doing, and Understanding (Jacobs)
  • Prentice Hall Algebra and Algebra 11 (Foerster)
  • Life of Fred


Please note: Each student should have his own copy of each text. Do not have siblings share. Please do not substitute similar editions as these books were selected for their editors’ commentary as well as the text.


  • The Building of Christendom by Warren Carroll  ISBN: 978-0931888243
  • The Glory of Christendom by Warren Carroll  ISBN: 978-0931888540




  • The Story of Science: Einstein Adds a New Dimension by Joy Hakim ISBN: 978-1588341624


  • Exploring Creation with Biology (2nd Edition) by Jay Wile ISBN: 978-1932012545



All Students:

  • Henle Grammar ISBN: 9780829401127

First and Second Year students

  • Henle 1  ISBN: 9780829410266
  • Henle 1 9780829410266

Third year students:

  • Henle 2 9780829410273

Advanced Students

  • Workbook for Wheelock Latin 9780060956424