Top 10+ Reasons We Love Regina Mater

Love is the fundamental principle of our lives and education.  Parents are primary educators of their children with more time and influence with later start times and two days/week at home along with a partnering perspective by teachers.


Family-centered education and community provides parents with tools, curriculum and resources to co-educate academic subjects and aligns history and science across all ages.


Pre-K through 12th grade offers opportunities for older students to mentor younger students. Multi-age classrooms are structured for leadership opportunities.


Provides Montessori education (primary) with original intent of Catholicism integrated including Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (primary and elementary).


All students take responsibility for the school and others.


Moms can go to work with their babies.


Low student to teacher ratios with high degree of parent classroom participation. Teachers strive to be “Golden Educators”.


Great Books (Classic works of literature).


Fiscally responsive for large and economically diverse families.


All of our high school graduates have been enrolled at the college of their choice. With two National Merit scholars and one student with a perfect SAT math and another with a perfect SAT verbal.


Sharing joy of our faith through liturgical preparation and celebrations including All Saint’s Day entrepreneurial fair, Advent preparation, St Martin’s day, Epiphany celebration, Lenten preparation, Mardi Gras, and Dyngus Day (field day).