Colloquium is an opportunity for faith formation and celebrations for families. The Colloquium exists to strengthen, guide and assist parents and children to carry out their apostolic mission to give new birth to faith and life in the world. Parents find mutual support and learn to integrate their Catholic spirituality into their homes and families.

Home Shrine: All families are encouraged to erect a home shrine from whence a network of grace can effectively flow into their home.

Feast Days: Joyful and robust community celebrations of liturgical and saint feast days. All family members participate in these celebrations, so that our Catholic faith permeates the entire fabric of our lives.

all saints day

All Saints Day

Faith Formation: Parents have an opportunity to study works related to Catholic education and family life.  Past works studied include Cardinal Ratzinger’s address to families, St. Thomas on the nuptial meaning of the body, and Father Josef Kentenich on the philosophy of education.

Meetings: Colloquium meets once per month.

Thursday, Jan. 17th “Moral Imagination”  Dr. DeAnn Stuart
Messiah Lutheran
5701 Cameron Rd, Austin 78723

Save the Date for future Colloquium/Speaker series:
Thursday, Feb. 21st
Thursday, March 14th
Thursday, April 11th