2018-2019 Tuition

1 Child: $4000/year
2 Children: $6250/year
3+ Children: $7000/year

Tuition may be paid in 10 or less installments beginning June 15.

Tuition is due by the 15th of each month, starting June 15. Tuition is due regardless of attendance. Withdrawal prior to first class date results in a 50% refund of tuition paid. Withdrawal after the first class date results in 0% refund, but cancellation of all future payments.

If applying after June 15, a modified installment plan can be put into place.

In some cases, work opportunities may exist that will help reduce the overall tuition.  Teacher credits will be applied to teacher tuition on October 1, reducing the tuition due from October to March. Full payments must be made until Oct 1. Teachers working for a full barter agree to 30 days prior notice before employment changes.


All returning families must pay $50 re-enrollment fee yearly, even when there is a full barter in place.  New families will receive a $100 credit from the $150 application fee, applied to the last month’s tuition.