Regina Mater strives to educate saints for our time. To that end, our students must be provided with rigorous, quality instruction and academics. We are called to improve our world, but we cannot do that until we KNOW about our world. Additionally, we want our students to be able to educate themselves; to acquire the skills of learning so that they can independently use the tools they have been given to co-create and build peace in our world.

The tools of an organic and holistic education begin with our Montessori program that fosters a child’s spirit, their “absorbent mind” and ability to discover the world through practical living skills, development of the senses,  math, music and writing materials. This provides the foundation for a child to grow in social grace, inner freedom, and joy.

Confident in skills they have mastered and eager to learn in their world, the child embarks in a classically, and still organic, Catholic education which includes: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

Grammar.  In this stage students learn the basic concepts such as reading, writing and arithmetic. The grammar stage is when students learn the facts of the subjects and rules of spelling, grammar and phonics are presented and memorized. Math facts are learned. This is the time for learning the concrete concepts of the world.

Logic.  At about the age of 10, students begin to make connections between concepts. This logical (also refered to as dialectic) stage focuses then on helping students connect ideas within and between subject areas.

Rhetoric.  In the early teen years, students begin the art of expressing the Grammar and Logic of a subject. This should be the focus of higher education.

As they progress through these stages, students develop the tools needed to learn independently. They can find information about a subject, make connections and then express them in an appropriate manner. Through the study of mathematics, literature, poetry, writing, grammar, science, history, and theology, among others, our students learn about the world and our Lord’s hand in it.