Philosophy of Education

Regina Mater strives to create a palpably Catholic, engaging, educational home for parents and their children.  Our philosophy of education embraces the theological reality of each person, in which grace presupposes and builds upon nature.  The pedagogical model has several aspects.

Based on the Order of Being.  God created children with a specific nature.  Our pedagogical model dignifies a child’s nature and focuses its teaching practices on how children learn best.

Organic.  Our approach regards each child as a relational being, respects the stages of the child’s intellectual and moral development, and understands the child as a body-soul unity.  Freedom to move and interact is balanced with the necessity of order and structure.

Integral.  Ideas and concepts throughout the curriculum are related to each other, related to the world around us, related to family, related to the Catholic faith, and related to life.

Experiential.  The curriculum is nourished by sensory materials and life experiences.

Supports the Family. Our model encourages parents as the first educators of their children and engages the whole family in the educational process.

The lived result is the strong development of intellectual, moral, and spiritual habits.  We are formed into strong personalities who stand in childlikeness before God, living out the covenant relationship that has unfolded through time.  The goal of the community is to foster the personal mission of each family, parent, and child; in order to attain, in the words of the Second Vatican Council, “the complete perfection of the human person, the good of earthly society and the building of a world that is more human.” (Gravissiumum educationis)  In short, to form saints for our time.